Inpatient Therapy

In inpatient care, we take into account:

  • Biological basics
  • Biographical and social environmental factors influencing the disease
  • Psychodynamic factors


 We work in a team-oriented manner, all medical, therapeutic and nursing staff involved are deployed in a targeted and process-oriented manner within the diagnostic/therapeutic process, so that we develop a treatment plan together with the patients.

With regard to patient care, we have created the goal of enabling the reintegration of mentally ill people into a self-determined, independent life in appropriate social, professional and family environment with the help of our treatment.

Elective patients can be treated in our private ward, in our psychiatric-psychotherapeutic (ward 3) and in the outpatient clinic. Depending on the illness, individual and group therapies are available within the framework of behavioural, depth-psychologically based and conversational therapies, as well as self-confidence training and instructions for independent stress and everyday life management. We offer our patients the opportunity to participate in individual/group ergotherapy, music therapy, physiotherapy and light therapy. To ensure optimal post-operative treatment and care of our patients, we cooperate with the other outpatient facilities outside the clinic.

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