Prof. Frodl, Clinical Imaging and Translation

The clinical imaging and translation group (Prof. Frodl/ Dr. Metzger) has extensive experience in structural, functional and diffusion imaging in depression/anxiety disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and schizophrenia including the influence of genetic and epigenetic factors (imaging genetics) as well as environmental influences.

Focal points:

  • - Translational neuroscientific research in psychiatric diseases with integration of imaging, neurophysiological and genetic methods as well as experimental and post-mortem procedures
  • - Influence of environmental gene interactions, epigenetics
  • - Clinical research and health services research
  • - AI
  • - Computational Modeling in Neuroscience
  • - Biomarker research and search for predictors for individualised therapy
  • - Neuroplasticity/neurodegeneration in psychiatric diseases

Neuroimmunological questions on liquor and blood samples as well as on histological preparations of the Magdeburg Brain Bank, also in combination with MRI, are investigated in the Biological and Translational Psychiatry Group (Prof. Dr. Steiner) in order to be able to identify invasive as well as non-invasive markers for inflammatory and immunological correlates of psychiatric disorders and to be able to diagnose e.g. a disturbed blood-brain barrier, which is associated with a higher probability of an immunological CNS process.


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